A Day of Game Accessibility Learning

In the gaming world there are over 100 million games with disabilities who want to enjoy gaming. We are going to learn how to include them

What you will learn

In the introduction of the course, the instructors will introduce the audience to the different types of players that are out there waiting to play games!  Instead of just presenting facts and figures, we will present real stories of players whose lives have been transformed by being able to have access to games.

These stories will then be related to the huge audience of gamers who are currently looking for games to play, and discussions about games that have already captured some of that audience through inclusive design with AbleGamers.

We focus  on the different types of inclusive features can be integrated into games by designers right from their initial game ideas through to delivery of their game to marke

What we will do

The day will be broken down into two distinct halves. The first half being mainly composted of experts in the world of Game Accessibility sharing their knowledge with the workshop.

The afternoon will be breakout sessions, brainstorming, and creating ideas that could and should change the world.

Who should come?

PhD students, junior researchers, senior leaders, game developers – anyone who wants to see that there is a game for everyone!

No prior knowledge is needed, come along and we’ll give you everything you need to make your games inclusive from your first design!




The Speakers

Meet our most valued speakers. and check back as we add more speakers



Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction, University of York
Vice-President of Ablegamers


Founder / Executive Director

Founder of the AbleGamers Charity, the largest charity for Gamers with Disabilities


AbleGamers Fellow

With a Masters in AT and a Passion for Gaming, She has become a powerhouse in the Game Accessibility Movement


We are working on the details and will share them as soon as we have them.

Meet the team!

I know it's early, but we have a lot to cover. Early morning start will see the presenters discuss their passion for games and inclusion and we'll get to know you and why you have come to the course


Meet the diversity of players who want to play games! We'll review a set of personas that describe all of the different preferences players can have and will serve as a reference for our breakout sessions during the day.

Mark Barlet

Quick break to refill cups before diving into the core of includification!

Learn about how game designers and developers can make games more inclusive with small changes. We'll talk about the easy wins, and progress to the more complex. Lots of examples from AAA titles as well as indie titles.

VR Introduction and Lunch!

We'll have a meet and greet lunch break where people can talk to the team about their own games and try out virtual reality kit before the afternoon starts.


During the afternoon, everyone will be up and moving while we try to generate as many ideas as possible about where the challenges will be for includification with virtual reality games. Post-its, sharpies and lots of quick generation exercises using our player personas.


Participants will break into teams and take one one of the challenges we generated in Session 4. We'll work together to come up with design suggestions that might improve access for many of our personas. At the end of this session each group will present their design ideas.


Time for teams to regroup, refuel and get ready for presenting back to the group.

Teams will get the opportunity to present their design solutions to get feedback from the other participants and the facilitators.


We'll have a quick wrap up to discuss how we take the ideas forward with a white paper and more.


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